Eyes are windows to our soul
William Shakespeare

The competition is over! However, this service is still active to give people opprotunity to download datasets and try themselves. If you are interested in the competition please read our paper: [The Second Eye Movement Verification and Identification Competition (EMVIC)]
You can also learn more about Eye Movement Biometrics on our [web page].

The Second Eye Movements Identification and Verification Competition

The aim of the contest is to determine how people may be identified based on their eye movement characteristic. The organizers provide a dataset of eye movements' recordings in CSV (comma separated values) format. After downloading the datasets, participants may analyze it to prepare their own classification models. See competition formula for details.

EMVIC is an official competition for IEEE International Joint Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2014)

To become a participant you don't need to have any special eye tracking equipment. All data needed is ready to download! You only need to have some experience in data classification and... take your chance.

However, it is sometimes good to see what others have done in this field. On this page you may find some information about biometric identification and about eye movements in biometrics.

Deadline was 30 March 2014

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    Competition Committee

    Dr Pawel Kasprowski, Silesian University of Technology, Poland (Committee Chair)

    Dr Katarzyna Harezlak, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

    Committee members on behalf of IJCB conference:

    Dr Raffaele Cappelli, University of Bologna, Italy

    Dr Walter Scheirer, Harvard University, USA

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