Pawe³ Kasprowski - My humble personal page

I am three persons in one:

You will find some information about me here but unfortunately because of lack of time this service is not very rich.

For several years my main research subject is eye movement research. You should find here a short description of this subject with references to our papers.

Training people to make them good software developers is my main job - at my Univeristy and also during commercial trainings. Recently, I mostly deal with Java/JEE programming and practical usages of design patterns.

I have practical experience with many tools (i.e. sold projects and happy customers). And I'm ready to learn new ones if I have to. A previous version of this page contained also a list of my projects but it isn't available anymore because of different NDA-related problems. I may only write that I worked as a freelancer for many companies including 2Si, ABG, ComArch, Computerland, ESAB, OandS, Pokomtel, ZETO and others.

If you're interested in any topic and can't find it on the webpage - do not hesitate to contact me!

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