Software development - overview

Im an experienced software developer - Im in business since 1994 (I started with database applications in Informix 4GL!). Till today Ive created multiple solutions for various platforms and different small and big clients.

For several years Im dealing with Java based applications including web-based applications, standalone applications and enterprise applications working on application servers. I specialized in JavaEE technologies like servlets, JSP, JPA, JTA, JMS, JSF. I have also experience in creating Spring-based applications.

I'm experienced and all my clients were satisfied with my work. My mobile phone and e-mail address hasnt changed since 1996 thats a proof of my competence :)

Software development - my programming skills

I have practical experience with every tool mentioned (e.g. sold projects and happy customers). And I'm ready to learn new ones if I have to.

There was a list of my projects in the previous version of the page here. It isn't available anymore because of different NDA-related problems. I may only write that I worked as freelancer for many companies including 2Si, ABG, ComArch, Computerland, ESAB, OandS, Pokomtel, ZETO and others.

Today I'm mainly dealing with JavaEE and work as a freelance advisor in "What can we do to make it work?!" manner.

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